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A Proposal for Package Versioning in Go

 Davor Kapsa

Web Scraping with Go

Comprehensive article about web scraping with Go using ONLY the standard library! It talks about the ethics of scraping, setting HTTP headers, making GET requests, using cookies, logging into websites and several other topics related to web scraping. John Daniel Leon explains clearly and offers ample code examples.

Web Scraping with Go

 Ken Bailey

justforfunc #31: gRPC Basics

New video in the JustForFunc series from Francesc Campoy. Great intro to gRPC!

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 Ken Bailey

Golangflow now has an Alexa Skill! #AmazonAlexa @Amazon

Get the latest updates from Golangflow on your Alexa device!

Go to Skill or search in your Alexa App "GolangFlow".

There is a known issue where Alexa reads only the URL link, changes are being made.

 Brian Scott

Komiser - AWS Environment Inspector #AWS #CloudComputing @AWS

Komiser AWS Environment Inspector

 Brian Scott

GopherCon Russia: Brad Fitzpatrick: The past and future of Go

 Davor Kapsa

GoTime Podcast #69 - Golangflow, FaaS & Buffalo #serverless #OpenSource #programming

Brian Scott joined the show and talked with us about Golang Flow, contributing to open source, functions as a service, building for the web with Buffalo, and other interesting projects and news.

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 Brian Scott

PHP to Go: How we boosted API performance by 8X #php

We recently upgraded from PHP to Go for our Face Recognition API architecture. In this article we share why we made the move, how it’s radically improved performance, and some lessons learned along the way.

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 Brian Scott

Gitkube: Deploy to Kubernetes with a 'git push' #kubernetes

Gitkube is a tool for building and deploying docker images on Kubernetes using git push.

After a simple initial setup, users can simply keep git push-ing their repos to build and deploy to Kubernetes automatically.

Gitkube: Deploy to Kubernetes with a 'git push'

 Brian Scott

Heimdall: An advanced HTTP Client in GO

HTTP Client with support for retries and circuit breakers here

 Rajeev N Bharshetty