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Hello, Tello - Hacking Drones With Go

 Davor Kapsa

MemConn: an in-memory network stack for Go

 Davor Kapsa

What’s all that memory for?

 Davor Kapsa

Buffalo-Ocean Plugin Walkthrough - A plugin for deploying Buffalo to DigitalOcean

 Christopher Stingl

Go on very small hardware (Part 2)

 Davor Kapsa

Exploring Prometheus Go client metrics

 Povilas Versockas

Effects of CPU caches

 Davor Kapsa

Go Northwest 2018

Go Northwest is single day, community driven conference devoted to the Go programming language.

It will be held at McCaw Hall in the Seattle Center with easy access to public transit.

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 Davor Kapsa

GoVM : Go Version Manager written in Go

Govm is a Version manager for Golang. that lets you use multiple versions of golang simultaneously.
https://github.com/golang-vm/govm. Contributions welcome :)

 Shiva S

Go: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

 Davor Kapsa

Don't lock around I/O

 Davor Kapsa

How A Tiny Go Microservice Coded In Hackathon Is Saving Us Thousands

 Davor Kapsa

How to build a Serverless API with Go and AWS Lambda

 Davor Kapsa

Inner workings of Go's Interfaces

In-depth look at how Go's interfaces are implemented. Chapter 2 of a deep dive into the inner workings of Go.

Chapter II: Interfaces

 Ken Bailey

App Specific Error Handling

Go’s standard error is extremely simple to use which is a feature I like. It lets you add context by implementing its interface only when your application needs to. This can make cross boundary design simple and flexible...


 Crit Russell

Writing a Web Crawler with Golang and Colly from @EdmundJ99

This blog features multiple posts regarding building Python web crawlers, but the subject of building a crawler in Golang has never been touched upon. There are a couple of frameworks for building web crawlers in Golang, but today we are going to look at building a web crawler using Colly. When I first started playing with the framework, I was shocked how quick and easy it was to build a highly functional crawler with very few lines of Go code.

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 Brian Scott

A Minecraft like game written in go #gamedev #dev

 Brian Scott