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Onelog is a dead simple but very efficient JSON logger

Onelog is a dead simple but very efficient JSON logger. It is one of the fastest JSON logger out there and the fastest when logging extra fields. Also, it is one of the logger with the lowest allocation.

 Brian Scott

Partitioned signup example based on Kafka and PostgreSQL

This project demonstrates a partitioned signup flow: users sign up at Account service which requires a username. There are so many people willing to register, that a single PostgreSQL database can't hold all account records, but three servers are enough for this hypothetical service load. Therefore we should split (partition) user accounts on three databases and make sure a username is unique across all of them.

 Marsel Mavletkulov

Parsing large XML file in streaming mode in Go #xml #streaming #drugbank

A blog post I wrote about how I learned how awesome Go is for processing large XML files in streaming mode, which I had to do for the DrugBank dataset of approved drugs.


 Samuel Lampa

Deep Learning with go

GoLang UK Conference talk on how to build ‘deep learning’ models with Go to solve complex real-world challenges.


 David Dymko

Getting Started with Buffalo to Build Awesome Websites - GoIn5Minutes @arschles #Video #Learning

How do you build a website with Go? For a while, we all just cobbled something together with the standard library, Gorilla Mux, and so on. We had to figure a lot out on our own. Not anymore! Now we have Buffalo!

Episode #21

 Brian Scott