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Packaging a Go application for macOS

This is a quick guide about how you can package up a Go program — with or without external resources — for macOS. It can then be downloaded, installed, and run as if it were a native Cocoa app. It does not require XCode, cgo or any special libraries.

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 Brian Scott

Abstractions, The Costs

The drawbacks of unthoughtful usage of abstractions (for the sake of using abstractions, blindly) and it's costs posed upon developers and teams and how Go philosophy helps with avoiding code bloat and mind bloat: Abstractions, The Costs.

 Kaveh Shahbazian

Run Functions on App Exit

This package allows to run functions on app exit - like an app-level defer statement. Functions are placed inside a priority queue and are called based on their priority (not the order they've got added): onexit.

 Kaveh Shahbazian