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Pluck text in a fast and intuitive way

(Pluck Package)[https://github.com/schollz/pluck]

Pluck makes text extraction intuitive and fast. You can specify an extraction in nearly the same way you'd tell a person trying to extract the text by hand: "OK Bob, every time you find X and then Y, copy down everything you see until you encounter Z."

 Brian Scott

Streaming IO in Go

In Go, input and output operations are achieved using primitives that model data as streams of bytes that can be read from or written to.

Blog Post

 Brian Scott

Alloy - Boilerplate for creating web applications with Go

Alloy is a starter template for creating web applications using Go programming language.

It does not aim to be a web framework but is instead a collection of useful libraries and packages that acts a sensible starting point.

Check it out →

 Oliver Coleman

Creating serverless Slack commands in minutes with Go & Up

Creating serverless Slack commands in minutes with Go & Up

This post walks through the creation of a serverless Slack command written in Golang, and deployed to AWS Lambda in seconds with Up.

 Brian Scott

Composition in Go

Go does not support inheritance, however it does support composition https://golangbot.com/inheritance/


Learning - The Go Programming Language Book

For those new to Golang, here is a pretty popular Go Programming Book

 Brian Scott