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Benefits of Using Go/Golang

Go has entered into this world of enterprise application development with a mantra:Do more with less. Handle Heavy Load Golang has eliminated interpreter as the programs are converted directly into machine code. The Go compiler is used to convert code into executable files. This compilation performs many optimizations on the machine code to make it run as fast as possible. The advanced Golang compiler offers an efficient way to check errors in the code and make deployment easy.

Garbage Collection Garbage collection, or say automatic memory management of Golang is a powerful feature. Go excels in providing control over memory allocation, resulting reduced latency in the latest versions of garbage collector.

Scalability Go is designed with scalability by default. As an application grows, it needs to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, like delivering HTML pages to different web browsers. Go comes with many built-in features such as Goroutines(functions) and Channels to handle simultaneous tasks within one application.

Cross Compiling Go allows you to cross-compile your application and run it on a different machine. The Go compiler lets you generate executable binaries for multiple operating systems with easy commands. You can cross-compile original source code to execute on multiple machines rather than installing Golang on foreign machines.

Static Typing Golang compiler ensures that the code gets compiled correctly and it also takes care of compatibility and other type conversions. This can help in avoiding problems that developers face in the dynamic-typed language, wherein they discover bugs only after executing the code.

Testing Support Golang has brought Unit Testing in the language. Now developers can write their Unit tests parallel with the code through a simple mechanism. It also provides support to understand code coverage by some tests, benchmark tests, and write example code to generate the code documentation.

Simplicity Go is a simple and easy to understand language. Its entire specification is just a few pages long. It strives to be simple to read and write. Go prefers Composition over Inheritance. Also, its Type System is well-designed. Read more:hire golang developers

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